Our Mission

Hello Beautiful, I'm Ashley, the CEO of the black owned ANBC and proud mother of 2 that have sensitive skin such as myself. I personally created the brand Ashley Nicole Body Care for those with sensitive skin, people who enjoy using natural remedies, and those that want an everyday glow in their life with non-irritating skin ingredients. I proudly make body and skin care products such as  soap bars, body scrubs, body oils, and natural face treatments with all gentle, yet effective natural ingredients. At ANBC, my missions is to provide you products that are harmless, vegan, and cruelty free for all skin conditions and color. Our goal at ANBC is to improve not only the success of black owned business, but to increase the availability of cleaner, affordable, chemical free body care products in the world. Our brand is all about health and purification.

Thank you for choosing Ashley Nicole Body Care where our products purify your body and soul, naturally.